Water Consumption Examination


“They may layer on requirements, and they may remove things if they’re inconsistent with law, but most jurisdictions are faithful to the ISAs and ISQMs as a whole.” Many auditing firms now are moving toward more of an automated approach to audits with data analytics technology. That’s especially true at the Big Four firms, and it's starting to seep down to regional and local firms, with the AICPA’s CPA.com technology unit developing a Dynamic Audit Solution with the help of auditing software provider CaseWare that aims to level the playing field between larger and smaller firms. But by automating more audits with the use of such software, firms will need to be careful that they don’t miss out on the human element, with the professional skepticism and objectivity that an experienced auditor can bring to an engagement. “It doesn’t lessen the requirements and commitment to quality, but I think our standard does start to think about the use of those resources as ways to both assist, but also potentially cause lapses in quality,” said Seidenstein. “We do have quite specific guidance in the standard on how to use IT-related resources and the adequacy of relying upon them, as relying upon any new source of information. I think that was one of the big areas of modernization that our standards required from something that was created 15 or 20 years ago, where some of this wasn't imagined.” Auditing technology has evolved to the point where changes in the standards were needed in a general way to encompass areas such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and machine learning. “Because of the evolution of technology, it’s such a broad area,” said Botha. “For techniques such as data analytics and all those sorts of things, when we talk about them, we use the term ‘automated tools and techniques,’ especially in our recent technical standards like ISA 550 that deals with risk assessment. This standard is more about how the firm manages engagements and how an engagement partner manages a specific engagement. But on [ISA] 315 and on our current project on advising group audits, we have [made] a concerted effort to actually modernize those standards in terms of the use of automated tools and techniques. Then, in some of our projects that are still in the pre-project proposal stage, our project on audit evidence is driven by three main things. One is technology and how technology affects the timing of audit evidence, the exercise of professional skepticism, and how we can enhance the exercise of professional skepticism in obtaining audit evidence. In today's business environment, different sources of information are available to auditors find out this here in terms of obtaining audit evidence. In that project, it will come to the fore very strongly. In one of our other projects, we're looking at fraud and should we be doing anything in terms of our current fraud standards? Technology plays a very important part in how auditors might be looking at fraud or designing their procedures in terms of responding to the risks of fraud.


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